Writing Microfiction: 8 under 200

Epics - novels - short stories - microfiction. Due to our time's need for speed narrative forms have become - shorter. During the work in the advanced course some stories have seen the light of day. Here is a short selection. Have fun! - Mr. Gerlach

Snapshot by Loona Qrgai

Looking through a photo album, the enigmatic man in his mid-twenties, finds an old picture. He's in it, a teenager, gangly limbs, loopy smile. His one arm is thrown around his older sister and the other one around his younger one. All three of them are smiling, although they were fighting before the picture was taken. Something about him being too broody, too angry and them not understanding how. How can they be so different?

His older sister went to college but was expelled. Nobody knows why.

His younger one suffered from depression and anxiety, no one took her seriously.

Next to his sisters are his parents. His father is a 5’11 tall and muscular man, puffing his chest. But he's afraid. Afraid that his wife is going to leave him for a younger man. Afraid about not being good enough.

The young adolescent's mother is beautiful and has a smile on her lips. But her eyes tell a different story. She's angry. At everything and everyone, but especially at herself. She wanted everything, but got nothing. No recognition, no respect.

That was his family. Before the young man set the house on fire and watched them all burn alive.

Waves by Mila von Kurnatowski

The waves moved her body swiftly. She was all alone in the middle of nowhere and the sun and the ocean where beginning to form a beautiful sunset. Her strong arms and legs made her move forward quickly. As it became darker, she turned around and looked at the shore. The beach looked calm. Only a few people walked their dogs or where holding hands with their loved ones.

Just a few days ago, she had walked the beach with her love. But things had changed. She remembered that he once won a swimming competition and then thought about life and how ironic life can be. She put her swimming goggles back on and swam further, away from the shore. From time to time she dove into the clear water. 

She made another strong swimming stroke and then dove again. She dove deeper and deeper and just before she thought about going back to the surface, she reached out  for his hand. His wedding ring sparkled from the rays of sunshine cutting through the water.

It looked so pretty and she decided to stay with him forever in the depths of the ocean. 

The Bracelet by Seyma Celik

We are at home. It is cold and dark outside. And so beautiful with the snow. It is late.

We are in the kitchen. The table and the cupboards are white and we have a lot of decorations, pink decorations.

She is standing in front of the sink. She thinks I am sleeping. She does nothing, she is just standing there. She saves lives and loves her job. This is what she tells me every day. She has brown hair, me too, blue eyes, me too and wears a pajamas. A blue shirt and black shorts.

She is holds something silver in her hand. Something shiny. She never wears jewellery. The only jewellery she wears is a watch, a white watch. And she always cares so much about other people.

Now she is putting the silver thing on her wrist. Where is her watch? I am as old as I have fingers on my left hand. Suddenly she has a red bracelet around her arm. She is holding her both hands up and turns towards me. Now she sees me.

"Don't be afraid sweetie, it is just blood"

The One That Got Away. by Canan Erkan

She is standing there. Innocent.

He is looking at her in astonishment.

She doesn't know.

It drives him crazy and he doesn't know why.

Soon it will be over. He can't wait anymore.

He feels hurt. Broken and bruised.

She is standing there. Innocent. She wraps her arms around the other man.

He is watching it, sadly. He's just a little bit jealous. He wakes up, sweaty and confused.

It was just a dream.

They are walking to the beach. He watches from the distance. It hurts him in his heart, in his chest, and he's into trouble catching his breath.

He walks towards them. Carefully looking behind him. They don't see him. He pulls it out. They still don't see him. She screams. He stabs. The man begs. It 's too late. Suddenly there is silence.

A nightmare of his past. It's been 15 years now. It's still haunting him.

Every Friday at 3 pm he gets the same dream.

The friend by Paul Wöller

I am in a chair, arms bound at the back. I have been sitting here for quite a while. Everything is quiet, but then he says: "We must leave this place!"

The room is dark and a big red light shines in the right corner. There is a table with a couple of test tubes on it. "What are you waiting for? We need to go!" he says again, this time with a louder voice.

We met five years ago and spend most of our time together.

He gets more aggressive because I don‘t answer. "MOVE! You just can’t do nothing! They will kill us!" he shouts at me. I agree: "Find something sharp. A scissor or some-…" Suddenly someone enters the room.

There is a bright light as the door opens. A man with a syringe in his hand reaches for my left arm.

My friend screams. Everything gets dark.

When I wake up I see the man with the syringe again:"Hello Mr. Parker, we have to inform you about the fact that we diagnosed schizophrenic disorder in your brain." Everything gets dark again.

I have the feeling that I will not see my friend again.

You're So Lovely by Oscar Gleich

It was a Saturday morning when I woke up. I decided to make breakfast for me and my darling. When I brought our plates into the dining room she was already sitting there. The sun was shining on her long and majestic hair. I gave her a tender kiss.

But today she didn't eat anything. I tried to spot what was wrong. Was she angry at me? She was usually a really shy girl. That's why I loved her so much.

"Do you want to go into the woods?" I asked. She didn't reply. But her face told me that she wouldn't mind. So we drove into the forest for a walk. We came across a glade and sat down for a while to enjoy the daylight.

"Do you remember this place?" I asked her. "Right there. That's where I found you." I pointed to the open grave on the hill. I stroked her face and removed some bugs coming out of her nostrils. Her brain was leaking and a worm was crawling out of her left eye. Her teeth had completely fallen out and her skull already showed.

"You're so lovely." I whispered in her ear.

Coffee and Apple Pie by Lilly Dressel

"Hurry, girl! We are expecting you in five minutes in the saloon".

With my best dress I arrive and greet Mr. and Mrs. McCluskey. The woman examines my dress carefully. Mr. McCluskey acts like a dog because every time his wife says something he opens his mouth and nods approvingly."Do you want a piece of apple pie little sunshine? I baked them for you" Mrs. McCluskey asks.

Thankfully, I refuse and say that I don't like it. After a long, boring conversation about me and what I like she also offers some coffee and I refused again (not very politely). And if I thought the unpleasant afternoon was over the woman says excitedly : "I'd like to take this child."

My glass of coke was almost full when I dump the drink onto her rose blouse. Some of her screams then sound like "bad behavior", "not thankful", in my ears while I'm immediately send out of the room.

The headmistress tries to settle the two of them. "Mary, little girl," Mrs. Halters sais with an angry voice "that was the third family you disappointed. How long do you still want to stay in this orphanage?" 

La familie by Emma Neumann

"Tic-toc, tic-toc", the clock is ticking. Terribly loud for my ears, I only long for silence in this room.

My eyes wander through the dramatic lights of the massive chandelier positioned in the middle of this gigantic entrance.

I put one shoe in front of the other while my attention is attracted by happily looking people pressed in a silver gleaming photo frame. Two children, one women, I am missing. The familiar silhouette from the beaming female face lets me get into a strange, hypnotic feeling.

My look is focused on her eyes. Strong but lovely, lost with a touch of focus in a motherly way.

I feel how my hands begin to shake, frantically. Her mouth was made to a naturally bright smile and it was somehow catching me. I am looking down. What I see is me on a photograph. Me and a woman. Both in a beloved mood. It takes some time to remember the moment when the picture was taken. Time has flown...

"It is time." I hear me whispering with a sense of intensity. The pistol was blowing my head off.

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